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Castell Project: Progress made in women leadership numbers

The hotel industry made strides toward gender parity in 2019 with improvements in several categories, according to the Castell Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the careers of women professionals in hospitality. The group just released its "2020 Women in Hospitality Industry Leadership" report, which showed an increase in the total number of female CEOs, a rise in female presenters at hotel investment conferences and stronger representation in operations and asset management at the VP level. 

Castell Project President Peggy Berg said that though a great deal of distance remains before the industry reaches true gender parity, “we were delighted to find the pendulum starting to swing in the proper direction.”

“We are seeing an acceleration of women in leadership roles across the political, civic and business spectrum,” Berg continued. “This is supported by the pipeline of graduates coming out of colleges and universities, by the strong and deep bench of female talent currently at work in numerous industries, including hospitality, by the opportunities created as baby boomers retire, by the share of wealth now controlled by women and by widespread interest among both men and women in realizing the benefits of this cultural shift.”

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