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The mission of WIL CONNECT is to be a catalyst; to enable the personal and professional development of women with strategies and actions focused on removing barriers and providing solutions, to foster the development of women to obtain leadership competencies that contribute to the achievement of overall career growth, and to engage women in the political process as it relates to the industry.

OHLA WIL CONNECT uses a three-prong strategy to empower women of the hospitality industry:

Educate: Industry leaders will share the facts and help educate members how to overcome women's underrepresentation in management positions in the hospitality industry and leadership positions in public life.

Inspire: Professional speakers presenting to OHIO WIL CONNECT members will share what they have accomplished and the difference it makes to have women setting the agenda and making decisions in the business community and with public policy.

Connect: Women interested in taking the next step towards a leadership position will be connected to other women and men who are currently in those positions to help them succeed in their own Hotel or Unique Lodging property of Ohio.

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Guide for Working Parents in a COVID World

In May, OHLA WIL CONNECT heard from fellow Mompreneuer & founder of a’parently, Marti Post, who spoke on what the mental load means for women, why the new work rules ask us to revisit our identity as moms and women, and how to manage emotion & productivity. Also joining us was OhioHealth’s, Dr. Hommema who provided us with tips to help prioritize self-care. 

The virtual event received extremely positive feedback and a demand for more resources for working parents.  As a follow up, Marti provided this guide of Tips & Resources for Working Parents to help those of us still juggling the task of managing a family and a career in the COVID world.  

OHLA WIL Mentoring Program

The Mastermind Class is back! 

OHLA and the WIL CONNECT Advisory Council are pleased to announce Mastermind Class beginning September 2021. This class is being provided to our female leaders as a Member Benefit in Leadership Training and Development at a discounted fee of $35.

This Mastermind Class is a peer-mentoring network that contributes to a deeper understanding of each member’s current work situation, experiences, and skills.

The session "10 Rules for Success, Innovation, Creativity and Connection by Brene Brown" will be 8 weeks, meeting for one hour per week, beginning the week of September 13. Participation will be limited to 15. Registration will be online in the Calendar of Events, contact Cindy Sams with any questions, cindy@ohla.org 

Be sure to visit  AHLA Women In Lodging  to see how women are shaping the hospitality industry worldwide.